Mindstream Studio is like Tesla's ludicrous-mode for your channel content - 0 - We can take a mosh pit of ideas - the fragmented digital world and collaborate / cross promote to help your channel grow and truly cultivate your community. Mindstream Studio provides the tools you need to grow, from expert business advice to in-house production suites and sets and even a growing repertoire of sponsors to pay the bills. We're doing the heavy lifting so you can free up precious mind-space for your true potential.


We're all about self-expression. From politics to pop culture, touring through the mountains or hanging out with your friends - bring everyday people on your life's journey. Share your opinions and experiences with the world. Capture the stories and preserve the moment - use video as the medium. You do the talking, we bring the audience.



Go on a recent shopping spree? Haul it! Show off your outfit of the day and why not upload a makeup tutorial while you're at it? Collaborate with influencers who share your common interests, access the tools to help you grow your audience. Up your monetization with our simple approach to beauty and lifestyle for the true fashionista within. It's all the about the glam!



We're pushing the boundaries of FPS, PVP, PVE & MOBA - if it's game and if it's competitive we want to be a part of it. From casual gamer channel to rising stars, we're there at the front lines. It's you + us, it's dedicated support, distribution and best of all, sweet, sweet monetization. Let's play!



Whether you have a gift for impeccable rhythm, insane vocals or the ability to make anyone laugh, we want to be a part of it. Bring a community of people together through your favorite form of art. Let's up the quality of your comedy sketches, music or dance videos and let the world appreciate your creativity at its finest!



Embrace your inner nerd. We want to know what the latest iOS and Android features will be and why you need the latest processor. We want robots that can replace repetitious human activity and we live for the pre-order list. It's Kickstarted whizbams, but it's not all about the bits and pieces – we want to make the future... today. We have an endless supply of the latest gadgets with our deep crowdfunding relationships begging for reviews and deep dives.



We're obsessed with flavor - buttery, decadent, sweet and sour. Everything about food and the way it's made, presented and enjoyed – preferably with a fine glass of wine. Take your passion from the kitchen to the studio and share your culinary inspirations with the world. Let's spread your recopies like wildfire across all social platforms. We love food that'll make you want to roll your eyes back and say "Wow this is good! – I need another bite"